Wooden terrace and fencing

We offer a wide selection of wooden terraces, balustrades, fences and rafts of pine and spruce wood and buildings.
The rails offered by our company are made of dried wood, which makes them more resistant to changing weather conditions, which is characterized by high durability are less prone to cracking and deformation. We offer rails in the raw or varnished state and also with the assembly service. For painting the rails we use high-quality lacquer, so that the wood does not deteriorate from the center. We make rails of different profiles, made of pine and spruce wood. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the palette of available colors
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Wooden fences

Wooden fence is not only durable but above all it is ideal as a decorative element of the property. Only wooden fences give it a unique sense of warmth and aesthetics combined with excellent quality. We offer you an innovative product that is tailor-made for your individual needs. Everything to make your garden look and enjoy like never before. When building a wooden fence, it is important to remember to properly protect the material from the weather. They can be covered with impregnated wood and painted. For centuries people have been defending their homes. In this way they defended their property and set the limits of privacy. Today we also expect from the fence to not only protect, but also decorate the surroundings of our home. The fence has many advantages: it separates from noise, dust, makes it difficult for intruders to enter the property. It should also be in harmony with the architecture of the house and emphasize its beauty. Fence must be not only strong, durable, tight and nice. Thanks to many years of experience gained by our company in the field of timber protection and construction, our fences enjoy hundreds of satisfied customers for many years. We offer fences made of very good pine and spruce wood, which, thanks to proper drying and protection, is excellent in various weather conditions.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items