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N4a + 2,2 terrace - from showroom


9 400,00 zł

-900,00 zł

10 300,00 zł

+ Shipping and assembly costs

Data sheet

Construction Pine and spruce wood
Dimensions 4 x 4m + 2,2m terrace
Facade Imitation of logs
Impregnation Oak, additives: medium palisander
Roof type Gable
Roof cover Coloured roofing underlay
Roofing underlay colors:
Roofing underlay colors
Tilt angle of the roof 30°
Height 2,2 m outer side walls, 3,10m in the ridge
Floor Made of wooden floorboards with a thickness of 21 mm
Joists 4x 9cm
Door 80 x about 190 cm, paneled door, locked with a bolt
Window 2x 90x70cm, with single glass and shutters
Board thickness 25 mm before heat treatment and mechanical treatment (drying and four-sided planing)