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23 000,00 zł

-4 450,00 zł

27 450,00 zł

+ Shipping and assembly costs

Data sheet

Construction Pine and spruce wood
Dimensions 5 x 5m
Building area 25m2
Usable area 22,02m2
Floor area 33,56m2
Facade 19mm facade board
Impregnation lakierowanie kolor szary, dodatki białe
Roof type Gable
Roof cover papa kolor do wyoboru
Tilt angle of the roof 40⁰
Support posts 4 x 9 cm at a distance of 50 cm
Height 2,20m side walls / 5m in the ridge
Floor Made of wooden floorboards with a thickness of 21 mm
Joists 4 x 9 cm at a distance of 70 cm
Door 3x doors of solid wood with latch and lock 80x205cm
Window 2x window with combined glass and with shutter (135 x 110cm); 2x window with combined glass and with shutter (90 x 70cm); 1x window with combined glass (wymiar: 50 x 50cm)
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The client is responsible for preparing the subsoil.

We build concrete buildings on concrete blocks or a foundation. The builder is responsible for the production of the foundation or the purchase of the concrete blocks (the number of which is determined by the contractor during the order).