Single station carport WJ7


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Single station carport WJ7

Surface painting:none tak (2800 zł) tak, na biało/ szaro lub ecru (3600 zł)

Roofing:Coloured roofing sheet tak, gont bitumiczny (2400 zł) tak, blachodachówka (4500 zł)

Gate:none Metal - white or brown (1000 zł) Wooden (1000 zł)

Guttering:none tak (1600 zł)

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16 800,00 zł

+ Shipping and assembly costs

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ConstructionPine and spruce wood
Roof constructionWooden roof trusses with a cross-section of the elements of 5 x 10 cm, full roof formwork - board thickness 20 mm, tongue-and-groove connection
Dimensions4 x 7m
FacadeBoards 20mm thick, joined tongue tongue
ImpregnationDrewnoChron® agent

Available impregnation colors:
Impregnation colors
Roof typeGable
Roof coverColoured roofing underlay or shingle or metal tile

Available roofing underlay colors:
Available roofing underlay colors

Available shingle colors:
vailable shingle colors

Available metal tile colors:
Available metal tile colors
Support posts12 x 12cm
Window2 windows 70 x70cm

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Ground preparation is the responsibility of the Investor.

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