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Wooden summer houses are characterized by an incomparable microclimate. They also have an unusually aesthetic appearance and store very good heat. Due to our many years of experience, we produce small summer houses. At the same time, we are using modern technological solutions that have been taken over from the construction of traditional wooden houses.

Our wooden summer houses are very solid. This is why they meet all the building requirements. Their attractive price is another advantage of the objects offered by us. Our offer includes small summer houses according to finished designs as well as models based on individual orders. We use a framework construction with a façade paneling or facade with wooden beams (or beam imitation), mineral or acrylic plaster. We take over orders from all over the country.

- The customer prepares the building area independently.
- The building area should preferably be flat. It must not show excessive inclination or contamination. It must be free of scrub, bushes and remains of other constructions.

- A possible purchase of concrete blocks is the responsibility of the client. The contractor will determine the number during the order.

We are constantly expanding our range of products and services to meet the expectations and needs of our customers.
Please get acquainted with our interesting offer! We are convinced that you will find a product that fulfills your dream of a separate wooden house.

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