Wooden garden furniture

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Our garden furniture is made of high-quality spruce, which has been dried and carefully selected beforehand. This gives us the certainty that they will have appropriate usability and long life. Then each element is sanded twice. Thus a very good final result is achieved and we receive modern garden furniture.

Our offer includes garden furniture of different types, including folding furniture. Depending on your preferences you can find solutions prepared entirely from wood as well as connecting wood with metal, eg cast iron. We have seating sets, which consist of different elements such as large and small tables, seats for several persons or individual seating furniture. We are flexible in the composition and will be pleased to meet your requirements.

Each garden furniture set is carefully coated with a wood preserving impregnating agent in any color. This protects the wooden garden furniture against damaging weather influence, as well as against molds (moderate protection in the class 2) and harmful insects, which attack the wooden furniture.

The producer, who is aware of his actions, takes care of tradition. Wood is, after all, a natural raw material that has always been close to us. That is why we like to use its natural advantages.

Today, wooden garden furniture is extremely popular for at least two reasons. Above all, modern garden furniture is in a good taste. In addition, natural ingredients are appreciated by more and more buyers. The combination of these two qualities is crucial for the huge popularity of wooden furniture.

At the same time, there are few things that require such careful preparation as wooden garden furniture. The producer must not only have suitable, precise tools, but also have extensive knowledge of the specifics of the material as well as considerable experience with its processing.

By acquiring garden furniture in our company, you will be assured that you will buy durable and functional products that meet the most stringent quality standards.

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