Warranty conditions

  1. The Guarantor undertakes to remove physical defects free of charge, in the event of inability to repair, to replace the Item of Sale with one free from defects, and in the inability to repair or replace the Item for Sale, to refund the price paid, if the defects are revealed within the deadline:
  2.  The Guarantor shall ensure the efficient operation of the Object of Sale for a period of 24 (twenty-four) months from the date of its issue or completion of assembly, provided that it has been commissioned to the Guarantor by the Rightholder under the guarantee.
    • 60 (sixty) months for the construction of residential houses, made on the basis of individual projects, and which are placed on the foundations,
    • 24 (twenty-four) months for: gazebos, summer houses, tool houses, children's houses, playgrounds, woodsheds, other wood products made by the Guarantor, from the date of its issue or from delivery of the Item for Sale free from defects.
  3. The warranty holder is entitled to request the replacement of the Item for Sale or its element if at least 4 (four) repairs have been made within the Warranty period and the Item for Sale is still defective.
  4. The warranty holder may report defects of the Subject of Sale to the Guarantor in person, in writing to the following address: Kowale 21, 42-274 Konopiska or by e-mail to the following address: reklamacje@miedzinski.pl.
  5.  The warranty period is extended by the time in which, as a result of a defect in the Item for Sale covered by the Guarantee and as a result of the need to remove it, the use of the Item for Sale or its elements was impossible or significantly impeded. The extension of the Warranty period applies only to those elements of equipment that were impossible or difficult to use.
  6. Liability under the Guarantee covers only defects arising from reasons inherent in the Item of Sale.
  7. In the event of defects, the Warranty Holder shall deliver the Item for Sale at the expense of the Guarantor to the place of purchase of the Item for Sale or to the place where the item was issued when the Guarantee was granted, unless the circumstances indicate that the defect should be removed in the place where the item was at the time of disclosure of the defect.
  8. The Guarantor undertakes to perform the obligations arising from this Guarantee within 30 (thirty) days from the date of notification by the Warranty Holder of the defect to the Guarantor.
  9.  In the event of sending the Item of Sale to the Guarantor in order to exercise the rights resulting from the Guarantee, the risk of accidental loss or damage to the Item of Sale from the date of its release to the Rightholder under the guarantee until the date of its receipt by the Warranty Holder shall be borne by the Guarantor.
  10. The warranty does not cover defects resulting from improper and unintended use, improper maintenance, natural properties of wood (e.g. healthy knots and natural cracks of wood, occurring during the process of using wood, damage resulting from natural wear, caused by the influence of changing weather conditions in which the Subject of the contract is used. The resulting cracks do not affect the durability and usability of the Subject of the contract.), mechanical damage, random events.

The Guarantor recommends the mandatory painting of the Item for Sale with an impregnation that has properties that increase resistance against moisture ingress within 1 (one) month of mounting the Item for Sale.

Failure to comply with this recommendation by the Warranty Holder means improper maintenance. It also recommends the use of flashings to protect the roof elements against the ingress of moisture.

The warranty also does not cover:

  • differences in profiles, color shades intended by the Guarantor in the original resulting from the designed plastic and aesthetic features of the product and features characteristic of the raw materials from which the Subject of Sale was made,
  • changes in the colour of the varnish coating associated with exposure to prolonged sunlight, tobacco smoke or the like.
  • discoloration formed in the place of knots on elements covered with wood protection / varnish of white / ecru / gray color.
  1. The warranty is valid in the European Union.
  2. The warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the Rightholder under the guarantee resulting from the provisions on warranty for defects in the item sold or non-compliance of the goods with the contract.
  3. The basis for using the Guarantee is the document to which the Guarantee relates:
    • purchase agreement of the Subject of Sale concluded between the Guarantor and the Entitled Under the Guarantee,
    • Order form Of the Subject for Sale.
  4. The warranty for roofing The subject of sale is provided by the manufacturer of roofing material.