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Wooden houses without permits are the ideal solution for those wishing to enjoy a place to relax in the privacy of nature, without having to go through the complicated and time-consuming process of obtaining permits. Miedzinski Company, as a leader in the production of wooden garden structures and houses, offers a wide range of models that meet current legal requirements, allowing quick and hassle-free construction.

Wooden houses - for which you do not need a permit?

According to current Polish law, it is possible to build certain types of wooden houses without the need to obtain a building permit. This applies to structures with a construction area of up to 70 m², which can be used for their own residential purposes, as a recreational space for personal use or additional utility room. It is important that the structure has no more than two stories. The developer is required to report the construction to the construction supervision authorities. Note that despite the lack of a requirement for a permit, the construction of such houses should be in accordance with the local zoning plan or conditions of development, in the area designated by the surveyor. 

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