All-year house Mniszek


94 800,00 zł

+ Shipping and assembly costs

Data sheet

Construction Pine and spruce wood
Type ground-floor
Dimensions 6.66 x 14m + 1.5 x 10m terrace
Building area 86,60m2
Usable area 72,16m2
Floor area 72,16m2
Facade Imitation of logs
Impregnation DrewnoChron® agent

Available impregnation colors:
Impregnation colors
Roof type Gable
Roof cover Coloured roofing underlay
Roofing underlay colors:
Roofing underlay colors
Tilt angle of the roof 15⁰
Height 2,50m side walls / 4,60m in the ridge
Door 8 doors (exterior 100x210cm, garage door 250x210cm, interior: 100x205cm, 90x205cm, 80x205cm)
Window 10 windows (150x120cm, 60x60cm, 90x120cm, 90x90cm, 150x210 balcony window)
Board thickness 26mm

More info

Available colors of PVC veneer:

For an additional fee you can order:

- brick chimney: 3500 zł

- electrical installation: 5000 zł

- water and sewage installation: 4000 PLN

- warming up gr. 15cm: 28000zl (in the price of warming: vapor permeable film, 15cm mineral wool, vapor barrier, 12mm paneling in the bathroom and kitchen plate 12mm GK)

- foundation (price negotiable)

- transport and assembly

- architectural-construction project