Elixir 2


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Data sheet

ConstructionPine and spruce wood
Dimensions5,5 x 5m + 2m taras
Building area38,5m2
Usable area25,89m2
Floor area46,52m2
FacadeFacade board with tongue and groove
ImpregnationDrewnoChron® agent

Available impregnation colors:
Impregnation colors
Roof typeGable
Roof coverColoured roofing underlay or shingle or metal tile

Available roofing underlay colors:
Available roofing underlay colors

Available shingle colors:
vailable shingle colors

Available metal tile colors:
Available metal tile colors
Tilt angle of the roof48⁰ and 10⁰
Support posts4x9cm in spacing every 50cm
Height2,20m side walls / 4,55m in the ridge
FloorMade of wooden floorboards with a thickness of 21 mm
Joists4x9cm in spacing every 70cm
Door2 doors of solid wood with latch and lock 80 x 200
Window7 windows with combined glass and with shutter 90x70cm, 50x50cm
Board thickness19mm

More info

Available colors of PVC veneer:

Available versions:

For an additional fee you can order:

- foundation (price is negotiable)

- Transport and assembly

- Architectural and construction planning


The client is responsible for preparing the subsoil.

We build concrete buildings on concrete blocks or a foundation. The builder is responsible for the production of the foundation or the purchase of the concrete blocks (the number of which is determined by the contractor during the order).

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