Star - Outline


Star large price: 85zł

1. Height 82cm
Width 86cm
Depth 9.5 cm
Plate thickness approx. 2cm (19 mm)
The height of the top of the star at the fork 69.5cm

2. Height 80cm
Width 78.5cm
The depth 9cm
Plate thickness approx. 2cm
The height of the tip of the star to the fork approx. 63.5cm

Star small price: 65
Height 62cm
The width of about 62-63cm
Depth 9cm
The thickness of plates 2cm


80,00 zł

+ Shipping and assembly costs

Data sheet

Construction Pine and spruce wood
Impregnation DrewnoChron® agent

Available impregnation colors:
Impregnation colors
Height 62cm
Board thickness 2cm
Width approx. 62-63cm
Depth 9cm

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