Gingerbread house

Gingerbread house

The price does not include Christmas decorations and snow cover roofing

Ornaments (12pcs) in price:

2x 120x80cm boards

2x the star 44x40cm

3x the star 63x56cm

1x 54x67cm biscuits

1x biscuits 30x37cm

1x biscuits 37x48cm

2x 20x25cm biscuits


3 900,00 zł

+ Shipping and assembly costs

Data sheet

Construction Pine and spruce wood
Dimensions 3 x 1,5m
Facade Facade board with tongue and groove
Impregnation DrewnoChron® agent

Available impregnation colors:
Impregnation colors
Roof type Gable
Roof cover Wood paneling
Height 2,20m in the ridge / side walls 1,5m
Door 60x120cm
Window 2x 50x70cm/ 1x 50x50cm

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